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Android and Samsung Repair


We have the tools necessary to repair any Android device. All of the phones in the Samsung Galaxy line, and any other Samsung device you may have, can be repaired by our technicians no matter what the problem is.

If you’re contending with a broken or cracked screen and you’re using an Android phone or Samsung device, don’t be afraid to come into our store for a remedy. We offer comprehensive service for most smartphones, and are sure to have what you need. No matter if it’s a simple screen repair or a full screen replacement, we have you covered.

Faulty charging can be a huge pain with smartphones, especially in this age of near constant use. However, we can treat the cause; if a battery is at fault, we offer replacements that will keep kicking for a long time. If the problem is your charge port, our technicians are highly skilled in the art of charge port revamp.

Water damage is perhaps the most frightening type of damage your phone can sustain, purely because of its reputation as the Grim Reaper of electronics everywhere. But with our skilled employees and a little luck, we should be able to get your device back in working condition. 

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