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Battery Replacement


Cell phone charging issues can be incredibly annoying, forcing you to constantly carry around your phone charger and stand vigilant for any outlets, just to use your phone throughout the day.

Batteries running out of charge faster than usual, batteries struggling to hold a charge, and batteries that have trouble getting charged in the first place can all be nuisances, but luckily many times these are simply due to a phone’s battery losing efficiency as it ages and repeatedly being charged and depleted. While nearly unavoidable with normal usage, fixing this problem is often as simple as replacing the battery in the phone with a new one.

When you come to the best cell phone repair shop in the Costa Mesa area, you can rely on our battery replacement process to be as quick and easy as possible. We have the tools necessary to remove and replace the batteries in all types of smartphones, in many cases fast enough to secure you a same day cell phone repair.

​Drop off your electricity-guzzling smartphone to Costa Mesa iPhone repair and we’ll give it a brand-new battery to ensure you don’t have to cart around your phone charger all day. 

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