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Diagnostic Service


Sometimes, the problem with a smartphone isn’t obvious. Sure, something is wrong; the sound isn’t right, the display won’t work, the phone won’t charge; but the underlying cause is yet to be seen.

In these cases, Costa Mesa Cell Phone Repair has technicians on hand, ready to diagnose what the problem could be, and more importantly, how to go about fixing it. Our specialists are trained to quickly and efficiently detect problems with both iPhones and Android smartphones, and to diagnose what the root cause of the problem is.

​Once our team of technicians has determined what the problem with your phone is, we take the time to explain to you, in detail, what the problem is and how to go about getting it fixed. We educate our customers on the best possible option to solve their problem, and all the alternatives as well, so that you’re still in control of how you go about getting your phone fixed.

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