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iPhone and iPad Repair


If you prefer to use Apple products, you can count on us to be able to repair whatever you’ve got. We can repair both iPhones and iPads, and are experienced in all possible repairs that you could need. We have the best iPhone screen repair technicians in the area on hand to take a look at any cracked screen and quickly diagnose and fix the problem.

If your iPhone or iPad is water damaged, there may still be hope! Assuming the device isn’t completely soaked through, it is possible to repair the water damage done to your iPad or iPhone. Our specialists will do all in their power to save you from having to buy a replacement simply for getting your phone a little wet.

If you’re having trouble getting your Apple device to charge, we can most likely fix it. We are equipped to replace faulty batteries on demand, as well as repairing charge ports that no longer work, regardless of the cause of the defect. If you’re looking for iPhone or iPad repair in the Costa Mesa area, look no further than us.

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